I've always been an entrepreneur at heart! I love to learn and as the oldest of 6, hard work is by no means foreign.  I'm a believer of being the change you want to see in the world. So, I create thorough and festive solutions to assist in curing the root of significant challenges.  For instance, building a business from nothing led me to encounter many difficulties that could have been avoided had I been born with a different status.  

My experience has blessed me to build my very own portfolio of companies, each from the ground up, and in satisfaction of my journey.   I attended college at Arkansas State University with the understanding that I needed to learn Business Marketing and Management + Logistics as my holdings would grow to be grand, and it would be auspicious for me and my bottom line to understand every facet of building, producing and running a company.  It's been worth the fight!

1-on-1 Creative Business Consulting Suites • 

Let's get down to business: We all get into business for different reasons; many provide solutions, some are legacy, most to make a dollar, and few to change the tide.  Why are you here?  

That's important for you to discern.  I've developed Creative Consultancy Suites to assist serious entrepreneurs on their business journey who may not come from much, but possess world-class ideas. You are most likely 1st and 2nd generation millionaires or soon to be, and are slowed due to having to figure out everything alone while navigating the ebb and flow of life.   


These are One-on-One Consulting Sessions open to businesses that have been in operation for (2) or more years. It is not a class or a course and I'm not here to cycle as many people through as possible. It's pertinent that you understand the following.  Briana Cymone has already done the work. It's something that I will not do again, nor for you.  The best Novice & Protege prospects are ambitious, impervious and possess the capacity to implement and maximize processed information coupled with one-on-one guidance.   If this sounds like you, let's discuss business solutions that can take your company to the next level. 

Novice • 

Are you offering a product or service at a low rate because you have no appropriate protocol in place? It happens to the best of us; but it's an unhealthy business practice that could damage your business reputation in it's early stages. You could be undercutting your competitors and potential business partners in your industry!  Briana Cymone is excited to assist you with the Novice Suite where you'll create a routine structure behind your product and/or service including custom scripts and contract agreement that enables you to confidently take a professional approach in business delivery. 

Protege • 

What would your creative business look like if you took a day, a week, or even a month off? Does it still sustain operating expenses, service clientele, administrative task completion, and attract new clients? Briana Cymone Protege is befitting of the business owner willing take the time & make the investments necessary to create sound business practices, mechanical processes, systematic routine, and legal and equitable requirements to build a sustainable company.  (For consideration, prospects must submit completed business plan and/or pitch deck.)

Brilliance • 

It brings me so much joy to zone in on Marketing Campaigns! I get to mix my passion for design and innate sense of analytical psychology! "Eeeek! How Creative!" After you've worked to create an amazing product and a solid structure for sustention, it's time to let your brilliance shine and attract the customers you had in mind to serve.  In our one-on-one Brilliance Business Consulting Suite, Briana Cymone works with you to assure a clear and unique reflection of your business purpose is actualized and delivered in your business branding, suite of marketing materials, launch campaign, and client activation program.


  • Product Branding

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Package Development and Design

  • Ad Development

  • Print Media Placement

  • Trade Show Booth Design

  • Interior Design - Please email briana@brianacymone.com

Scenarios • 

Let’s not confuse strategy with plans. Let's face it, in the early stages, many of us are creating something from nothing - with nothing, and no support. Sustaining some type of capital is crucial to your business seeing it's next day.  A well played strategy can yield a competitive edge in your market and be auspicious in your business bottom line.  In this 1-on-1 Business Consulting Suite, The Couture Event Architect meets where you are to clarify your most beneficial short-term business goal and determine the most effective avenues and resources to successfully accomplish your target.  (Owners must have successful completion of the Novice Stage or have proven structure in place.)